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Environmental Info

In continuous effort to development environmentally friendly products Bestforms is doing it's part to commit to green manufacturing.

Going green isn't a corporate marketing buzzword at Bestforms. We care deeply about the environmental impacts of manufacturing and paper usage. We strive to reduce waste and recycle whenever possible.

We feel that "going green" is a responsibility of all industries and here at Bestforms we put forth every effort to contribute to an environmentally friendly printing and manufacturing economy.

Some of our earth friendly policies include:

  • Use only pms and process colors that are vegetable based inks.

  • We do not use any alcohols in our fountain solutions (which can damage the Ozone).
  • Only one cleanup solutions on our presses is used and is a lo-Voc water based solution. Most pressesautomatically apply the solutions to the rollers; this cuts down on the excessive use of this product.
  • Recycle all of our aluminum plates to an authorized recycler.
  • Recycle or return all pallets to paperdistributors.
  • Recycle all of our paper products.
  • All waste ink is canned and sealed (VCAPCD required) and returned to a recycler.
  • All corrugated material is compressed banded and recycled, including foams and plastics (usually packaging materials from our vendors).